Welcome at One Outsource Option

The Group comprises of manufacturers across a broad range of expertise and industry groups who all share the same professional values and attitudes. The cooperative group specialises in assisting Australian, American and European companies to outsource their manufacturing to China. Through taking ownership of production projects and personally seeing them through from conception and product development to assembly and shipping they are able to protect their clients margins whilst providing quality, peace of mind and prompt delivery.

The One Outsource Option cooperative Group Structure

The One Outsource Option cooperative Group Structure was driven by the needs of their clients to reduce their buy price, whilst maintaining quality standards, which as a group they are well positioned to do. Other driving factors were a need for the organisation to scale up to meet their clients increased demand. It’s common for Western companies to grow rapidly when they are able to provide more competitive pricing by producing in China. Clients demanded increased flexibility and One Outsource Option responded by offering them a cooperative group structure to pick and choose from.

The Core focus of the Cooperative Group

is to assist small to medium sized western companies to successfully outsource their production requirements thereby enabling them to protect market share and grow their local operations. The group’s services are expansive and the following represent some of the key elements.

On Site Project Management

On Site Project Management means just that One Outsource Option take ownership of the day-to-day hassles associated with project management, so their clients can get on with the business of making money. We would all like to think that if the right planning and people are in place, then the project should run smooth and on time. In reality that is seldom the case, that’s where One Outsource Option steps in to manage all aspects such as Design, Production, Quality Control, and final shipment.

Experience has taught us that through the development and production process designs will constantly being updated, newer versions released, unexpected costs realised and clients need to react and react quickly to avoid delays and stay on budget. This can be a frustrating process and some manufacturing partners are not cut out to deal with such reoccurring events. One Outsource Option takes it as a given that these circumstances will occur with their motto being plan for the best expect the worst and always prepare for the unexpected.

So how is it possible for One Outsource Option to succeed in managing these production issues on a global level and provide the level of comfort their clients need. Simply put its because they fully utalise the (KIS) keep is simple principles throughout the group via an online project management system.

Project Tracking System One Outsource Option

One Outsource Option understand that for a project to run on time and efficiently, their needs to be good global communication systems in place. For this reason One Outsource Option uses a server based project management technology that allows all aspects of a project to be tracked in real time globally.

Aspects such as;

  • Concept Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototype Development
  • Phases of Mould Manufacturing
  • Tooling Trials and Parts Manufacture
  • Parts Testing
  • Assembly of products and subassemblies
  • Shipping Documents
  • Manufacturing Contracts
  • Online Order Placement

Our client provide access to their engineering and design people, who interact globally with our Designers / Engineers / and Mould manufacturers in real time.

Structuring the project workspace and assigning stakeholders is implemented in the following manner;

Management process Flow

  • A workspace or project space is created.
  • Project manager on both sides of the project are invited into the project space. This can mean US engineers working remotely with our Hong Kong based designers and China based mould makers.
  • Data is stored online in a common space and is accessible by all within that space.
  • Participants are given user access rights depending on the role they play.
  • All development aspects of the project from Concept to Shipment are captured within the database, which is accessible online 24/7.
  • Managers and directors need only logon to the Internet to be updated on the current status of a project.
  • If there are queries they can be posted in the space for same day, and in most cases same hour response.
  • All data is mirrored in multiple global locations to insure if a system fails the project continues to run on track with zero down time.

All this extra control allows projects to advance rapidly, and avoid potential errors that can occur via misinformation. Because the information is shared many eyes are overseeing all aspects, which amounts to less errors improved efficiency, and productivity. One Outsource Option clients are busy people with a great deal of responsibility so having information at their finger tips relieves a lot of pressure, increases their control and response times which in turn avoids nasty surprises.

At the outset of a project milestones are defined and tracked via the online project data base. When those milestones are reached they usually coincide with an online conference which depending on the length of the project can take place monthly. Stakeholders in multiple global and local locations are able to view, comment and update data during the meeting. On the spot minutes can be posted, commitments are agreed upon and timelines are updated. Experience One Outsource Option project tracking and you will never look back.

One Outsource Option IP Protection Procedures (IPPP-TM)

One Outsource Option IP Protection Procedures (IPPP-TM) divide the Sourcing (incoming materials), Manufacturing (production of parts) and Assembly (final assembly and packing) into separate operations and segment each aspect of the project across a number of facilities. Naturally not all projects have such requirements but for those that do we find our methods very effective in maintaining security.

There are many advantages in following this process with the major ones being protection of IP and the distribution supply chain of our clients. Factories that are involved with IP sensitive projects have limited access to the complete project and final assembly is channeled through our facility and exported via our export documentation.

Profit from One Outsource Option Smooth International Communication

We can guarantee smooth communication across the Globe, as our Project Managers are fluent in English Chinese and many other languages, are highly experienced in the latest communication technology such as our project tracking systems.

Experience and Local Knowledge

One Outsource Option feels they have a great deal to offer Western companies that want to manufacture in China. With registered local companies, technical people on the ground, and Quality inspectors in the field working face to face day to day they are well positioned through their vast experience and local knowledge to safe guard their clients interests and to create a safe environment to transact business.

Technical Ability and Industry Experience

One Outsource Option technical engineers and project managers are industry specialists with vast amounts of knowledge in the processes that are involved in producing your moulds and products. Experienced manufacturers understand and appreciate the value of such expertise as it allows them to communicate highly technical direction to their people and have them understand first time what’s required. One Outsource Option clients are not looking for yes men they want partners that have the experience to review design data, challenge their submissions and have the ability to make informed recommendations of better ways to design a mould to reduce material cost or decrease cycles times.

One Outsource Option recommendations are not always implemented however having this ability, which is rare in China manufacturing, has proved time after time invaluable in avoiding costly mistakes and unfortunate outcomes.

Benefit From Our Experience

One Outsource Option has unparalleled experience in matching the needs of western companies with the proven capabilities of our manufacturing group. We work hard to maintain and expand our PDFCM (Product Development for China Manufacturing) body of knowledge. PDFCM is not easily understood unless you have worked day to day in countries with low labour rates. Put simply most western designers develop for highly automated western plants where labour costs are high so they need to focus on designing in automation and designing out labour but in the east simpler LESS COSTLY solutions can be considered due to man power and lower labour rates.