One Outsource Option can build and ship top quality tools to you at low cost whilst still remaining flexible. We are able to ensure 100% satisfaction throughout the entire production process with project tracking through our client focused design approval function, prototyping and extensive pre-production trials.

Mould making is a very labor intensive and time consuming process especially for high cavity large moulds. To produce these types of moulds is very costly in the west and the lead times can be 2-3 times longer than producing in China. There are many reasons for this but the major factors are cheaper labor rates and Chinese mould makers will work 24/7 if required to meet your deadline. Whilst producing these types of moulds in China can save companies a great deal initially it can also be fraught with pit falls if you don’t have the right partners.

One Outsource Option is among a select few companies that produce the highest quality low cost moulds on offer in China. Western clients have all sorts of ideas on how much they want to spend on moulds depending on the quality they are after. So as a general guideline clients should expect prices that are 40-50% less than the local price and 50% + reductions for moulds that remain in China for the production.

Production Capability and Experience

One Outsource Options production facilities throughout China, have a broad range of molding capabilities in the areas of;

  • Injection Molding
  • Gas Assist
  • Thin-wall
  • Die Casting
  • Metal Stamping
  • Clear
  • High-polish
  • Molding
  • Double-shot
  • Insert Molding
  • Over Molding
  • Pad Printing
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Hot Stamping
  • IMD Painting
  • Sonic Welding
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

Rapid Tooling


One Outsource Option offers a turnkey service covering design, prototype supply and low volume manufacture.

This enables high-volume, high-tech customers to avoid diverting their resources to this sector of manufacturing and place the responsibility with a supplier they can trust.

There are two stages – the design and production of the prototype, followed by low volume production runs to meet demand while full volume production operations are set up.

The key to success is the adoption of ‘simultaneous engineering’. The typical process begins with One Outsource Option combining its experience in pattern design and manufacture and knowledge of foundry practices with the customer’s product design expertise from initial concept thought to the definitive prototype or production drawings.

The product manufacturing process can then be started by transferring models electronically. One Outsource Option then manages the pattern making process and the production of castings at all times, controlling quality, including x-rays, if necessary, to ensure product integrity.

Injection Molding


As Chinese IM-tooling suppliers become more accepted by Western companies, both for their reliability and for their attractive pricing, it is difficult for the nay sayers to dispute the benefit of exploring this vast and money saving resource.

Local guidance and technical support remains, however, of crucial importance for the execution of the whole project. FOT’s(first out of tools) samples should be on time, with the customers being supported by a team that has relevant experience in such outsource tooling projects.

The plastic injection molding (IM) teams gets specific technical supervision and support from regional offices. One Outsource Option takes full responsibility for the entire project and communicates pro-actively with the customer, whether they are located in USA, Australasia or Europe. This assures a high quality interface with the customers on IM tooling projects with the right expertise available at both ends. With this capability One Outsource Option can handle large IM-tooling projects with high complexity and tight schedules.

One Outsource Option has delivered various IM-tools to western customers over the years. In 2005 the number of IM-tools exceeded 150 per month. Current project management capacity of One Outsource Option tooling allows for delivery of 200 IM-tools on average per month. One Outsource Option puts its focus on medium to complex tools for higher end use.

One Outsource Option has no exclusive contracts with any of its group members and has no representations as such. This guarantees that an objective approach, aiming at flexibility and best quality for the right price. One Outsource Option strives for continuous improvement of its supply base to provide the best service and quality – with the consequence that the pool of One Outsource Option qualified suppliers is expanding in number and quality.

On a continuous basis One Outsource Option is referred IM tooling projects from global players with 100% of the referred clients coming from existing clients.

Export Tooling


One Outsource Option exercises a great deal of care in the production of export moulds, as its critical that the tools function correctly when they are shipped home. Moulds that remain in China for production can be easily stripped down and reworked if problems are identified but once moulds are exported it’s much more costly to correct not to mention the impact to a clients business if the production is down. During the development and production stages clients stipulate the materials to be used for the construction. These materials are vital to the life of the tool and the quality of the parts that are produced. There have been many instances where western companies have found that whilst they were happy with the price it’s come at a much greater cost due to material substitution or poor performance.

One Outsource Option follow a very strict sign off procedure to guarantee the production data is authorized. Prior to production, materials that have been requested (such as grade of steel hot runner system and components etc) are ordered from the suppliers and held in a secure facility until they are released to the production floor. One Outsource Option insists on certification from the suppliers to further guarantee the quality of the steel being used. Material certificates are exported along with the tools once the pre production trials have been signed off and all procedures are monitored 24/7 via our project tracking technology.

Blow Molding


One Outsource Option facilities is one of the largest in China with 100 manufacturing plants dedicated to the manufacture of Blow Moulds and pre-forms for alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.” Coca- Cola” and Pepsi-Cola Co Ltd” are among some of the larger clients. The group facility produces many billions of pre-forms and bottles per annum for local and international markets. The various plants are equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment available to industry including robotic systems such as the Sidel Systems that are used for production and pre production trials of blow mould tooling. The products produced meet most international food hygienic standards and have been audited and certified by some of the largest western producers in the US and Europe. Raw materials are audited and secured for all our major clients and held on site in a purpose built compound.

Products produced include various PET soft bottles for soft drinks, drinking water and beer, pre-forms, PVC / OPP labels, shrink-wraps, closures and cartons etc. The total area of the head office facility is 40854m2. Production equipment has been introduced from Germany, France, America, England, Holland, Japan and Taiwan. Since the establishment of the facility 1.2 billion PET bottles for soft drink, mineral water, pure water and distilled water, 1.2 billion PET pre-forms, 4 billion bottle labels and 17,500,000m2 high-grade cartons.

Branded Pre-Forms
With many sets of international top-level injection machines we introduced the latest injection technology in the world to produce pre-forms automatically under a computer-controlled, dust-free, temperature and humidity auto-controlled environment.

With more than ten years experience and special techniques in PET packaging, the facility owns the most advanced quality-testing equipment available to control the quality of the pre-forms. The quality of products is guaranteed to meet international standards. Harmful AA (acetaldehyde) contents, which are an important index, are the lowest within the same field in Southeast Asia areas.

Brand PET Bottles
Collectively One Outsource Option facilities are one of the largest PET bottle production companies in China.

The company has more than 100 sets of PET bottle product-lines with international standards introduced from France, Germany, America and so on. With more than 600 engineers and technicians engaged in injection molding, blow molding. To guarantee the products’ quality, the quality control center is equipped with advanced testing equipment valued at many millions of USD.

HR Tea & Fresh Fruit Juice Bottles
One Outsource Option tells us that this facility is the first in China to produce PET HR using such high levels of technology. The products added have no physical filling material and the heat-resistance can range from 87℃ to 91℃. With approvals from “Coca-Cola Co. The HR tea & fresh fruit juice bottles have been widely used by most beverage manufacturers both domestically and internationally.

HR bottles (pre-form) meet the international advanced standards.


  • Good stability
  • Fine heat-resistance
  • Good anti-vacuum and oxygen penetration resistance
  • High transparency degree
  • Light and sturdy
  • Safe, hygienic and no peculiar smell

Metal Stamping


One Outsource Option Metal Stamping specializes in offering competitive solutions for metal production of medium to high order quantities in China. Outsourcing production of metal parts to Chinese factories offers improvements in cost, flexibility and turn-around-time, while our engineering support and supplier management ensures that Western quality standards are met.

After carrying out numerous metal projects for clients over the years and careful selection of a large pool of audited factories, One Outsource Option are able to offer very competitive solutions through their preferred suppliers, in either the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) in East China (Shanghai) and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) in South China (Guangzhou). (Other areas are currently under investigation).

Processing capabilities currently range from;

  • Sand/investment and gravity casting
  • Aluminum extrusion
  • Single operation and progressive die stamping
  • High precision sheet metal processing (laser, Trumatic, Amada)
  • CNC machining with 3 and 5 axis machining centers

In addition to these processes One Outsource Option are also able to offer ancillary processing such as plating, spraying, powder coating and polishing. The team of engineers within the various facilities continuously manages the production of products and components for export, ensuring that quality standards are adhered to every time.

Group Preferred Supplier Program

After numerous metal processing projects at factories in both the Pearl River and the Yangtze River Delta’s, and having audited hundreds of such suppliers in both regions, One Outsource Option have adopted a policy of working with a select group of preferred suppliers in both regions.

These preferred suppliers have been selected after rigorous auditing sessions where quality, price, experience and proven competence were measured. Through these close co-operations we can ensure the most competitive solutions in cost, flexibility, high turn-around-times, quality and reliability.

Die Casting


One Outsource Option has been manufacturing prototype and production tooling for the foundry industry since the 60’s and has therefore built up a considerable wealth of experience.

They have considerable knowledge of production casting processes. These are implemented at the early prototype stage, allowing a seamless transition from prototype through to production tooling and reducing the time it takes to bring products to market.

Sand Casting

One Outsource Option offers high quality sand castings using aluminum alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and brass in some of the best foundries in East China. Cast parts can be machined and finished according to your specifications. Due to sand casting and secondary operations such as mirror-like polishing, commonly require a large amount of labor, AMS Group is able to provide low cost, yet high quality solutions.