The facility started with 7 workers in 1983, and since then has become a well-organized and managed tooling company of over 400 workforces. The plants footprint is 182,000sqm, which is separated into various manufacturing divisions each responsible for specific types of development. Projects are managed through this facility from concept to production and where applicable assembly and export.

One Outsource Option Shenzhen facilities were established in 1989 and registered in 2000 initially the facilities were focused on research, and development however over the years the various plants which are spread are scattered between Guangzhou and Shenzhen have grown into a highly technical manufacturing base for mainland production. The facilities have a staff of 7000 consisting of technical engineers specializing in most forms of Plastic Molding, Metal Stamping, and Dye Casting.

Management are sigma 6 trained Chinese Nationals fluent in English both written and spoken with vast amounts of local knowledge in contracting assembly and production projects. IP sensitive projects are managed through these facilities along with assembly and OEM sourcing projects.

The team are highly focused and committed to customer support and operate solid communications between clients in the US / European and Australia exporting thousands of containers per annum globally.